Programme points

We shall endeavour to ensure that Strana zelených includes the following points, in particular, in its new long-term political programme:

  • broad public participation in decision-making (participative budgeting, employee participation in enterprise management)
  • active support for social cohesion (education together for as long as possible, appreciation and due remuneration of carers)
  • thoroughgoing subsidiarity – decisions taken as close as possible to the people whom they affect
  • the preservation of the principle of solidarity in the healthcare and pension system
  • the right to affordable and dignified housing
  • the furtherance of real, not merely formal gender equality
  • public ownership in branches of the economy that are significant to the development of society (healthcare, social services, education, transport, security services, energy and natural resources management)
  • support for a social, participative and local economy (the cooperative movement, local currencies, ethical banking, community energy)
  • thorough regulation of capital flows (tax on financial transactions, fighting tax havens, regulation of financial derivatives…)
  • the introduction of a four-day (32-hour) working week
  • a more progressive tax system
  • the introduction of sliding-scale fines based on income (day fines)
  • the creation of conditions for the introduction of an unconditional basic income
  • reform of intellectual property rights protection with the aim of strengthening the public interest
  • regulation of media ownership
  • the right to internet access
  • the introduction of free public transport
  • the rejection of international agreements that subordinate the public interest to the interest of supranational corporations (TTIP, CETA, TISA…)

This list is not final. One of the purposes of the left-wing platform Zelená re:vize is to develop our political standpoints in more detail, to stimulate the discussion of ideas and thus to participate in the creation of the Czech Green Party’s new political programme. We call on members who share these values to join our platform, and on non-members to join the Czech Green Party and support our re:vision.