We, members of Strana zelených, the Czech Green Party, freely associated in the left-wing platform Zelená re:vize (Green Re:vision) believe that society needs a new impulse. The strategy of cautious progress within the bounds of Czech political tradition, the course to which the Czech Green Party has so far adhered, is not, we believe, a viable one. The time has come to suggest new solutions rather than merely commenting on the initiatives of others. The Czech Green Party, like other European green parties, must espouse a critical attitude towards the current social system and must advance proposals that lead, by means of democratic pathways, to a fundamental change in this system.

Either politics is social, or it is not politics at all. People cannot develop freely and fulfil themselves outside a functioning society. The very essence of politics is the creation and nurturing of social solidarity, which means giving sense to our joint existence rather than destroying it. The default values of Zelená re:vize are therefore: equality, solidarity, sustainability, self-governance and self-realisation.

Current society is founded on a logic of competition and profit at any cost. It is not true that this logic is natural to humans; it is not true that humans are first and foremost each others‘ competitors. While merciless competition has undoubtedly increased the world’s wealth several times, the cost has been the creation of monstrous inequalities, the looting of natural resources, unnecessary suffering to animals and the enslavement of millions of people.

The logic of profit has unfortunately also made its mark on politics, a field in which socioeconomic inequalities are reflected and amplified, and the principle „might is right“ too often wins out over the public interest. It is no accident, then, that political power can be bought and used to deform the whole system in such a way as to prevent equal access to politics. Political and economic power thus become permanently concentrated in the hands of a few people. It is therefore imperative that money should be separated from politics.

Although free competition is beneficial in some areas of life, it has to be given clear limits. Our first aim must be to prevent the creation of excessive social, economic and regional inequalities and to redress existing inequalities. Second, the influence of these inequalities on politics – and, through politics, on the functioning of society as a whole – must be circumscribed. The third aim is the equitable and responsible handling of our natural wealth, water, air, diversity of species, landscape and the legacy of our ancestors, all with regard for future generations.
This, in our view, is what green politics is about. As members of a party that is able to advance this programme authentically and effectively, we call on all present and future members who identify with these values to help implement them through the Green Party. Together we can then bring about the changes that our country and the whole world so urgently needs.